October 26, 2018......The Java Joint is planning to reopen ASAP

7520 Lake Bonham Drive, Bonham, Texas 75418, United States


Hello - Welcome to the Java Joint the 1st Home Style Cafe in America

Introducing the Java Joint Rig

Video of the Java Joint Rig

The Java Joint Rig - The JJ Rig

Introducing the Java Joint Rig, short name the JJ Rig.

Java Joint Tungsten Weights

Skinny Tungsten Weights

Large sizes of the skinny tungsten is not easy to find. The Java Joint offers skinny tungsten weights for sale in a bulk package of 20 - 30 weights. Available sizes are 1/4 oz. to 3/4 oz. Average cost in bulk package is $1.25 to $3.25 per weight.

How to purchase

You can purchase skinny tungsten by visiting us on Lake Bonham or can contact us at  thejavajoint@verizon.net . We can send  an e-invoice and provide free shipping within the U.S.

Tungsten Price List

#   Product                                OZ.   Qty  Price

4.1 Skinny Tungsten Weight   1/8    30  $ 37.5

4.2 Skinny Tungsten Weight   3/16  30  $ 45.0

4.3 Skinny Tungsten Weight   1/4    30  $ 52.5

4.4 Skinny Tungsten Weight   3/8    30  $ 75.0

4.5 Skinny Tungsten Weight   1/2    30  $ 90.0

4.6 Skinny Tungsten Weight   3/4    20  $ 65.0

The Java Joint Rig Trophy Room

Check out the big fish caught on the Java Joint Rig. Send us a picture and caption of your trophy fish  catch on the Java Joint Rig. We will add your story to the trophy room. This will serve as a history of the Java Joint Rig. Send the information to thetavatoint@verizon.net.